Hello and welcome! I’m Meredith.

I believe that vulnerability takes incredible courage. That mindfulness is paramount in cultivating meaningful change. And that we are all doing the best we can, at any given moment, with what we have developed and what we have been given.

My journey towards health began with food: falling in love with vegetables (yes, as a fully-grown adult); learning about the healing powers of real, whole foods; and spending all of my free time during grad school—pursuing a Masters in Contemporary Art Theory, no less—teaching myself how to cook. I couldn’t get enough of fresh herbs and bold flavors. Felt uniquely empowered each time I made a pantry staple from scratch. Was eating more healthfully than I ever had in my life...and became entirely obsessed with eating healthy food.

Eventually I came around to a difficult but essential truth: no matter how much healthy food I ate, in order to be truly healthy, I needed to first and foremost have a healthy relationship with myself.


And so the real work began.

The heart work.

The work of self-compassion. Of presence. Of showing up even when it is hard. Of forgiveness. Of flexibility. Of meditation and mindfulness. Of trusting intuition and instinct. Of being self-sourcing. Of stepping into soft power. Of learning to love myself.

May we all approach ourselves with gentility, non-judgment, trust and love. May we raise each other up; for we are all in this messy, beautiful human experience together.

Thank you for being here <3.